Virtual Trophies

The following virtual blog awards have been virtually bestowed upon me. Hold your imaginary applause until the end.


2 responses

8 03 2012

Hello, I hardly ever read blogs (I’m a mother of two and a freelance writer, you do the time-math) but I came across yours and have signed up to it because it’s not often you read something this true, courageous and funny. I love your writing — hope you intend to make your living at it one day. You should. And hey, not that it should be an aside, but your sons are beautiful too. Warmest wishes, Kate (from the UK)

8 03 2012

I’ve been feeling so exhausted and so uninspired (see exhaustion comment) and haven’t been able to write anything in the past week even though I’ve tried. Reading your comment today really moved me and gave me the boost I needed to get back to what I do. A sincere thank you for your words of encouragement. And if you have any ideas about how I can actually make some dough writing, by all means, send them to me ; )
I’m so happy you signed up to follow and really look forward to future comments from you. Although feel no pressure. Sounds like your plate is brimming over with work and kids. And oh what a meal!

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