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7 12 2012

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Where The Action Is

18 10 2012

If you’ve noticed that there’s not much activity going on here, it’s because T&T has moved to You might wanna get over there and find out how to vajazzle your vajiggle jaggle. For realz.
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Blowing Up The Internets.

6 10 2012

Well, maybe it’s just a little poof. Like a firecracker that didn’t go off quick right. But still.
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Superheroes. Not Pirates.

24 09 2012

I have a new post on my new blog.
It’s called Superheroes. Not Pirates.
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You’re Missing It

19 09 2012

There’s all kinds of activity going on at, including the blog being chosen as one of The 35 Most Pinteresting Moms. Get over to the new site and sign up, ya slacker.

A Myriad of Stink

12 09 2012

There’s a new post over at called A Myriad of Stink.

I’m gonna assume you can figure out what this one is about.

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I’m Bitching Today

5 09 2012

over at
Looking to take some people down with me. ; )

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