About Me

I’m a stay-at-home mom of one. Plus one upcoming, if we can ever get him out of the NICU.

A wife.

A dog-owner x 2.

I used to do a bunch of other stuff but no one cares about any of that anymore.

Not that I’m bitter.

This is my attempt to change that.

I am Toulouse.

And this is my tonic.


1. I was born with a Olympic-level talent in parallel parking. I’ve never practiced. But I can parallel park my SUV in a parking space the size of a postage stamp.

2. One of those things I used to do that no one cares about anymore was manage a rock-n-roll band.

3. I twirled the baton competitively until I was in high school. Haven’t touched one in a long time, but I can still do the sugar-bowl.

4. Tearing pictures of beauty products out of magazines is a major compulsion, even though all I do is collect them in drawers for 3 years then throw them away.

5. I am both a perfectionist and terribly, terribly impatient — two such opposing personality traits that I often end up nothing but frustrated.

6. Even though I complain about them the whole time, I still watch beauty pageants on TV. Awards shows too.

7. I think you really can tell something about people from their shoes.

8. Despite what my first resume out of college may have said, I am not really a people person.

9. I spent almost 3 weeks on complete hospital bed rest and then delivered my son at 29 1/2 weeks gestation. That saga has been going on since January 15. We are ready to get baby Meyer home and get hospitals out of our lives!

10. I think everyone needs to get and keep their own life. Even mommies.


9 responses

27 04 2011

thanks for sharing. great fun to read your writing. Greg

28 04 2011

thanks for the encouragement, my friend. XOXO

25 06 2011

Wow – Smiling at your cute, cute, cutie pie boy…and how REAL life is! And, btw, love that umbrella!! – thanks for sharing your blog/ writing…LZ

25 06 2011

Lauren — How awesome of you to take the time to read and comment. I appreciate it so much! Yes, nice umbrella! ; )

24 10 2011
Ninja Mom

Today, I’m giving you a blog award. I know, how to repay me? Well, there’s always cash.

I kid. Keep up the blogging and surf by my place to see what you’ve won. I’ll post the blog award button on my own awards page for you to grab. Soonish. . . I’m lazy.

25 10 2011

The check is in the mail ; )
Let me know if you have any more random awards to hand out. I’ll pay for those too!
Thank you, seriously. For the award and for just reading my blog. It’s hard to even say how encouraging those two things are to me.

5 11 2011
Ninja Mom

Hey, momma. You have ot get a pic of Peewee over the Mommy Shorts fan page on Facebook. She’s running a cutest kid Halloween costume contest and you could definitely thorw down with the others. Also, Mommy Shorts is a great blogger. Check it.

Mwah, Ninja Mom

5 11 2011

Awww shorts! It’s over. But thanks for the pointer. Looks like a great blog.
And as always, you rock, rock, rock.

26 12 2011
jell jell @ I'll Sleep When They're Grown

Because I like you and your blog, I have included you in my list of Versatile Blogging Award recipients. Please accept your award and all of the obvious accolades at:


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